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Fuel Cell Dispatch News

Bob Carter of Toyota offers important comments about fuel cell vehicles

Author: Admin/Friday, August 15, 2014/Categories: Fuel Cell Dispatch

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Here is a very exciting excerpt from a speech given yesterday in New York City by Bob Carter of Toyota here is the link to the transcript of the entire speech

OK…now that you know how Toyota is performing today, let’s talk about the future.

I want to assure you that Toyota is very busy researching the world’s transportation challenges and creating mobility solutions for the future.

In fact, we’re spending an average of more than $1 million AN HOUR this year on R&D to meet customer needs of the future.

One prime example is what I call the NEXT BIG THING…a zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell sedan we’ll launch to the public in California next summer.

It’s an electric car…but instead of carrying around a huge, expensive battery, it carries compressed hydrogen gas…and a relatively small battery.

As needed and on-demand: a fuel-cell stack mixes two elements abundant in nature …hydrogen with oxygen…to produce electricity that powers the vehicle for about 300 miles on a single fill-up which takes about three minutes.

So it has the range of today’s conventional cars without lengthy re-charging… while emitting only harmless water vapor…the best of BOTH worlds.

We’ve reduced the cost of the fuel cell powertrain by 95%…and we’re confident we can reduce the cost further.

So, what about the cost of hydrogen?

Well, according to Department of Energy estimates, the cost of hydrogen fuel will initially be higher than gasoline…but longer term…it will come down and be more economical.¹

Based on those numbers, we estimate that to fill our fuel cell sedan to go 300 miles initially will cost about $50 and then go down to about $30.

So our fuel cell vehicle is not only better for the environment, it may also be more economical to operate than conventional cars.

In short…of all the advanced powertrain systems we have in our portfolio…we see hydrogen fuel cells as being THE no-compromise, primary-option vehicle for the NEXT 100 years.

And we’re not alone.

Honda and Hyundai will soon market their own fuel cell vehicles…and most automakers will have one on the road by 2018.

The US movement will start in California and spread to the East Coast, other states and other parts of the world, including England, Germany, South Korea and Japan.

At Toyota we’re not just introducing a refined, affordable vehicle, we’re also putting our money behind building the fueling stations that will make fuel cells viable.

The good news about hydrogen is that it’s not so much about how many stations…it’s about location…and California will set the pace.

Working with the University of California, we’ve modeled specific locations that will result in a 6-minute drive to a station for most owners.

As a result, we believe just 68 stations will handle a population well in excess of 10,000 fuel cell vehicles.

The state of California has already earmarked $200 million to build at least 100 new stations by 2024, with 40 of them to go online by the end of 2016.

In addition, Toyota will actively help kick-start infrastructure through collaboration with regulators, energy providers and academia.

For instance, we’re putting up $7.2 million and entering into financial arrangements with First Element Energy and Linde LLC to support the long-term operation and maintenance expenses of new hydrogen refueling stations in California.

And we hope to share news about the East Coast in the future.

This commitment to the fueling structure is “unprecedented” in automotive history, but we believe it’s a VITAL investment in the future.

Today, we’re on the cusp of the “automotive hydrogen age”…so this is the chance to get in the ground floor on what we strongly believe WILL BE the “Car of the Future”

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